Our mission

Develop the knowledge of Monoï

Founded in 2017 by the main producers of Monoi de Tahiti®, The GIE monoï de Tahiti and the monoï de Tahiti association have for mission to develop the knowledge of Monoi, the promotion and protection of the Monoi de Tahiti Appellation of Origin

Monoi de Tahiti

Much more than a natural personal care product

Polynesian Sacred oil

As legacy, the Mahdi tradition gave us a precious sacred oil: Monoi de Tahiti, the prodigious combination of fresh Tiare flowers and refined Coprah oil.

Properties and benefits

The Sun, winds and sea salt make a harsh environment for the skin and hair. In these extreme conditions, French Polynesian people value Monoi and use it daily for its conditioning and reparative properties.

Unique ingredients

The exceptional geo-climatic conditions of the coral Islands in French Polynesia produce the Haari, a coconut with unique qualities.

Appellation of Origin

The Appellation of Origin (here after AO) is an intellectual property right that is fully autonomous, in the same way as a patent or a trademark.

Endless source of inspiration
Rituals by Monoï Spirit

Endless source of inspiration

Monoï Spirit Rituals presents 4 product concepts – 4 creative keys to bring you to the heart of the Tahitian world and inspire the formulation of original beauty and wellbeing rituals.