Softness and brightness

White is the colour of emulsions. Essential, nutritive, original, White crystallises the essence of personal care. White, regenerative colour for the body and the soul.

Softness and brightness
Face care

Purifying mousse with Tiare flowers

The suave fragrance of the Tiare flower deliciously unwinds the soul and awakens the senses. It is the prelude to a marvelous ritual where the skin opens up to a delicate and sensuous caress- delivering the full softness and radiance of the snowy white flower in the Pacific sun.

An unctuous and fine mousse to gently cleanse the skin - rebalance and clarify the complexion. Monoi de Tahiti, a silky Tiare flower extract, soothes sensitive skins. It is associated with the lightening properties of a Nangka extract for a delicate pure white ritual

Hair Care

Hair sap with sandalwood

A cult product, Monoi is used by the women in Polynesia as a reparative ointment on their long and beautiful hair. With an often rich and luscious fragrance, shining with golden reflections, Monoi de Tahiti seems vested with the same mysterious and seductive power attributed to hair in many cultures throughout the world.

Prepared with fresh buds of Tiare flowers, Monoi is an essential hair care product used against the drying effects of the sun, the winds and sea salt. Its reparative properties on the hair fiber have been validated by a series of tests initiated by the Monoi Institute.

The nourishing and embellishing sap has been formulated to nourish and repair dry and fragile hair. At the heart of the formula: Monoi de Tahiti is associated with a cocktail of actives: a guava pulp rich in vitamins, a moisturizing and restructuring extract of Sebala Serulata, a purifying essential oil of sandalwood, and rematerializing extract of gypsophila.

Face Care

Day cream with Tiare flower

The formulation of a day cream is a delicate art aiming at the creation of precious moments of personal care – moments made for the skin to taste the unctuous and melting textures of essential products. The skin is moisturized and finds the energetic resources necessary for its vitality.

Tiare velvet fluid has been specially designed for its moisturizing and revitalizing properties. The product has a light fluid texture that easily penetrates the skin. It leaves a delicate velvet feel to the skin. At the heart of the formula: Monoi - fresh buds of Tiare flowers combined with a light and silky oil extracted from the almond of the Polynesian Coconut tree. It is associated with a soothing and astringent extract of Moroccan rose and to a stimulating extract of green tea.  Magnesium and an extract of white pearl rich in calcium aim at providing skin cells with the energy they need for an optimal metabolism. Pearlescent micro pigments reflect light and illuminate the complexion.

Baby care

Baby bath cream with Tiare milk

Monoi de Tahiti based on Tiare flowers, sometimes enriched with sandalwood, has been prepared for more than two thousand years to massage and anoint new born children; it is used to nourish their fragile epidermis and protect them against the sun and the winds. Its maternal use starts with prenatal massages. Monoi thus expresses, in a marvelous way, all the essence of “white”: the colour of active products to protect and stimulate the skin – the colour of a fundamental gesture that feels like an essential caress to the new-born soul.

The baby bath cream allows a very smooth and supple massage of the baby skin while providing a gentle soap-free cleansing action. It has been designed to respect the delicate epidermis of babies as well as the sensitive skin of adults. It relies on the soothing properties of the Tiare flower, rich in phenolic compounds and methyl salicylate. At the heart of the formula: Monoi de Tahiti AO, enriched with moisturizing and soothing Tiare flower milk, cotton ecophylane and an emollient and purifying extract of sandalwood.

Resourcing care

Full of positive energies

Blue…Turquoise… A relaxing or energizing color, a regenerative promise for the body and the soul… Blue is the color of far-away paradises, of generous Spa’s, full of positive energies…

Full of positive energies
Body care

Refreshing mist with lagoon water

Awaken the body in the Pacific light, liberate oneself from one’s tensions in the clear water of a lagoon. The soul recovers all the vitality consumed by excessive stress and over concentration. Detoxify the body and reconnect to delicious sensations.

In this bi-phase formula, the water of a lagoon meets with Monoi oil a magic encounter where the purifying softness of Tiare flowers is combined with the minerals of the South Pacific. A detoxifying elixir to be enjoyed as a pure spray of positive energy, a gorgeous mist of flowers and fresh exotic fruits to quench the thirst of the skin and awaken the senses.

Body care

Beach Scrub with Bora Bora white sand

New scrubs are formulated with an enchanting sense of fun and pleasure for the skin, the eyes or the mind. Often light and silky, marvelously colored and fragranced, they feel like true delicacies to the skin. Monoi brings the softness of a voluptuous art inspired by the blue transparency of atolls, the sparkling snowy texture of Tiare petals, sands and corals from the islands.

Beach scrub has been formulated to ideally prepare the skin for sublimating sun baths. The exfoliating properties of white sand from Bora Bora is associated with Hibiscus and Coconut shell powders to prepare for a more even, more radiant tan. Combined with the soothing and moisturizing virtues of Monoi de Tahiti, a mineral extract of a green-blue stone, the smithsonite (Zin'Cîte) contributes to protecting the epidermis cells from damage by UV rays.

Face Care

Soothing mask with Noni fruit

Turquoise blue has a kind of regenerative quality. It feels like a remedy to stress and tiredness… It washes away daily stress, awakens the skin to a new radiance. Rediscover Monoï de Tahiti in a mask formula: a way of combining the action of massage with the regenerative and purifying ritual of the mask. Close your eyes and be inspired by the light of the lagoons, the fragrance of fresh flowers and enjoy all the benefits of an oil from Paradise.

After a day in the sun, the Blue Mask brings a delicious sensation of freshness and quietness – apply to the face, leave for a few minutes and gently massage onto the skin to fully benefit from its relaxing and regenerative virtues. The mask leaves the skin soft and delighted. At the heart of the formula, Monoi de Tahiti is combined with a Noni extract from French Polynesia and a vegetable extract which helps create positive sensations within the skin.

Body care

Massage milk with tropical flowers

Massage, the art of touch, awakens the senses… Massage helps reconnect to the body and rebalance with the environment. To express all its potential, massage requires a fluid which is less of a lubricant than a marvelous interface sublimating the relation between nature and the skin, between the hands, the skin and the soul… For more than 2.000 years, in the Islands of Paradise, Monoi has been perfected to enlighten the art of massage.

Paradise addict has been designed to revitalize stressed and asphyxiated skin. It renews traditional massage oil with an unctuous and supple lotion based on Monoi de Tahiti (the maceration of fresh Tiare flowers in refined coconut oil). At the heart of the formula: Monoi de Tahiti is combined with a regenerative Tamanu oil, Hemp oil and a skin resourcing vegetable complex: Native Essence.

Revitilizing care

Freshness & hydration

Green, vital color… A line of balance between the fire of the volcanoes and the blue waters of the atolls. It evokes the freshness of a mysterious spring hidden in a luxurious tropical forest… Pape moe

Freshness & hydration
Body care

Draining pulp with Moorea pineapple

Taurumi Maohi, the Maohi massage, allows the body to fully reconnect to the world. It implies a profound intimacy between the skin and plants, between the body and nature. It is performed with Monoi de Tahiti which concentrates the virtues of Tahitian plants to repair, balance and sublimate the body and soul.

The skin delights in this luscious pulp – a exfoliating / draining formula in which a pineapple extract from Moorea Island surprises Tamanu powder in the silky softness of Monoi de Tahiti. An irresistible preparation for a sublime silhouette with a Pacific feel.

Body care

Waterfalls balm with Tamanu oil

From the Marquesas to the Austral Islands, each one of the South Pacific archipelagos treasures its own specific health and beauty recipes. Monoi is enriched with specific vegetable blends and used in many aspects of the Polynesian life. The art of Monoi is an art passage, a science of the relations between man and nature. Soothing and reparative, the concept of the balm directly derives from ancient preparations to deliver the full benefits of Monoi in a concentrated and deliciously sensual formula.

The Waterfalls Balm has been imagined to answer the needs of the skin stressed or damaged by the harshness of the sun as well as of cold weather. The moisturizing and soothing virtues of Monoi de Tahiti have been formulated in a soft and unctuous formula, which gently melt onto the skin. It is associated to extracts of Ylang Ylang flowers and to Tamanu oil, a green vegetable oil from Polynesia reputed for its highly potent regenerative properties; Tamanu oil is used in pharmaceuticals as a healing and anti-inflammatory active ingredient.

Body care

Mysterious Oil with Monoi

In the Tahitian tradition, massage with Monoi oil is a calming gesture performed to rebalance the body and the mind. Hands gently smeared with Monoi untie knots (ponapona) along the energy and vital lines (uaua) of the body. A ritual product, fragranced with the flowers of the islands, moisturizing and reparative. Monoi de Tahiti is a perfect example of holistic care.

This massage oil is a genuine offering to the skin. Formulated with Monoi, Papaya and Tahitian vanilla oils, it awakens the senses and restarts the vital functions of the skin. Apply the Mysterious oil in the morning after the shower or the bath. Smooth out and massage to nourish and satin your skin. Apply on the neck, the inner wrists and the sole of your feet for an optimal energetic effect.

Face care

Vital serum with Mamaku vital essence

When aging, cell metabolism slows down and skin looses of its plasticity and sensitivity. In this sense the need to renew one’s skin may be less a question of wrinkles than a fundamental need to reconnect with it in a vital relation. Skin care based on Monoi de Tahiti creates moments of essential voluptuousness to hydrate and soothe the epidermis – special moments to transcend time, made possible by the benefits of a prodigious active sensoriality.

This serum combines the soothing properties of Monoi de Tahiti with a concentrate of plant extracts from the South Pacific in a fluid and fresh texture. A fern extract from the Pacific tropical forest, Mamaku vital essence, helps regenerate the cell structure and restart its metabolism. It is associated with an extract of Noni leaves from the Marquesas endowed with tonic and regenerative properties. Apply a few drops of Vital Essence in the morning before your day cream or for around the eyes anti-ageing cure.

Sublimating care

Vitality & perfection

The Sun and Gold have always had an intimate relation to vitality, perfection and eternity. A golden tanned skin is radiant, sublimated … voluptuously divine… at last.

Vitality & perfection
Face care

Black Mask with Tahitian cultured Pearl

Drawing its aura from ancient sources, Monoi de Tahiti inspires exceptional personal care formulae. Imagine a sacred moment dedicated to the skin, a treatment with rare flowers and precious oils – to rediscover the fascinating ritual of the mask behind which a prodigious sublimating process occurs.

An extraordinary texture for supple and an unctuous massage of the skin – a gesture combining the virtues of a purifying mask and a precious exfoliation with Tahitian cultured Pearls. The Umuhei, a Monoi from the Marquesas Islands, brings its irresistible sensuality to this marvelous skin illuminating secret.

Hair care

Island soap with Mango butter

In the Islands of French Polynesia, women massage their hair with Monoi de Tahiti, a conditioning care against the aggressions of the winds, sea salt and the sun. Applied on wet hair, Monoi hydrates and nourishes the hair fiber. The fragrance of Tiare flowers, the alternate sensations of sun and water, plus the supple and soft feel of the refined oil, all combine to create a very special moment, a voluptuous ritual.

Inspired by the Monoi tradition, Island Sap is a hair conditioner designed to prepare hair for gorgeous sun bathing. Island Sap associates the reparative virtues of Monoi with the nourishing and moisturizing properties of Wild Mango butter and an extract of Kaupe flower. The hair fiber is further protected by ceramides catiospheres.

Body care

Skin nectar with liquid gold

Monoi is like an ancient elixir of life, a ritual nectar allowing the miracle of the sun on the skin: the sun bath feels like a prodigious gold bath that would make the body eternal, divine.  In the evening, wear a light golden oil, like a fluid silk… Monoi, the sacred oil, carrying the spirit of Tiare flower, reveals the beauty of sun sublimated skin.

Fluid, delicate, light, Skin nectar has been designed to be worn like a golden veil during summer evenings. Formulated to soothe and hydrate the epidermis, this beauty secret awakens skin sensations and sublimates the radiance of tanning.

In the formula, Monoi, royal care of the South Pacific, is combined with a soothing extract of brown algae from Polynesia. A vegetable extract stimulates positive sensations by promoting the natural production of beta-endorphins within the epidermis.

Sun care

Tanning care with Monoi de Tahiti

A silky golden oil, Monoi carries active principles extracted from fresh Tiare flowers. Its soothing and moisturizing virtues deliciously prepare the skin for the celebration of the sun. A cult product on the beaches of the French Riviera for many years, Monoi embodies a certain formulation spirit: the love of generous and sensorial textures, a preference for the skin's natural defense system, a genuine taste for the glamorous and the sublime.

Some skins adore the sun, Divine Gold is a prodigious gel cream formulated to supplement their metabolism and sublimate their aspiration to beauty. In Divine Gold, Monoi – a preparation of white radiant Tiare flowers and carefully refined coconut oil from the South Pacific – contributes to a better hydration and conditioning of the skin.

In combination with Monoi: Biotanning, an extract of sweet orange rich in citroflavonoids, stimulates the natural tanning of the skin; Smart Vectors are UV activated to protect the skin against free radicals and Phycocorail, a marine complex, contributes to protecting skin cells against sun damage.