Monoï de Tahiti, appellation of origin since 1992
In Mā'ohi, mono'i means "sacred oil" which is used in many aspects of Polynesian daily life. An emblematic product of French Polynesia, Monoi de Tahiti successfully promotes coconut and Tahitian tiare flower. It is the first cosmetic product to have obtained an appellation of origin, a label that attests to the quality of its manufacture, the selection and the Polynesian origin of the ingredients that compose it. Monoi de Tahiti can be used alone or as active ingredient in the composition of Skin care and Hair care Cosmetics. The ingredients and the manufacturing process of Monoi de Tahiti are strictly defined by the French decree #92-340 written by the local representatives of the monoi industry with the support of Polynesian authorities and the French Government; “Monoi de Tahiti is the product obtained by macerating tiare flowers in refined coconut oil. This oil is extracted from ripe coconuts harvested from Cocos nucifera trees growing in the coral soil of the geographical area of French Polynesia exclusively. Only “Tiare” flower buds from the Gardenia taitensis area and of Polynesian origin are acceptable…” Despite its notoriety, we do not always know that Monoi de Tahiti is the only Polynesian product recognized by an international designation of origin. In April 2022 it will be 30 years. Beyond the clichés, it is an opportunity to (re)discover all the modernity of a traditional product and its place in modern cosmetics.