World Coconut Day September 2
In French Polynesia, the agricultural area used for coconut groves is estimated at 29015 ha. If we use many products from our coconut groves: pape and miti ha'ari, mitihue for our food, virgin oils and monoi in cosmetics, wood, ni'au, hulls, coal, and fiber in construction, decoration or the manufacture of utilitarian objects or jewelry, the fact remains that the exploitation of copra remains the main mode of development of the coconut grove. Founded in 1967, Huilerie de Tahiti processes all the copra it obtains from more than 7,000 producers in French Polynesia. World Coconut Day is an opportunity to introduce you to one of the oldest factories in French Polynesia, a must in the coconut industry. The Department of Agriculture, the Huilerie de Tahiti and the members of the GIE monoï de Tahiti and the monoï de Tahiti association are pleased to invite you to the Huilerie de Tahiti from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Friday September 2, 2022 on the occasion of the coconut world. This open morning, the result of cooperation between private and local public actors, highlights the Polynesian coconut grove, the different species of coconut trees found in French Polynesia and their promotion. This guided tour of approximately 45 minutes aims to better understand the coconut grove and the past, present and future use of our "tree of life". DOwnload the poster